For the month of APRIL 2012

The month starts on a jagged edge with the end of the Mercury Retrograde phase, April 4th.  Nerves are frayed after many delays and the typical challenges.  Despite the Retrograde hassles and hold-ups, much progress was made for those who capitalized on the New Moon (Uranus aspected by Aries New Moon last month at Mercury and Uranus) and Grand Trine of March.  While I don’t usually  enjoy the delays of this aspect, there are positive ways to use it: we hold off on things that require more due diligence.  We take time to study all angles of things we’re working on — we start nothing new — we work only on things already in progress and expect there will be delays of all kinds, mix ups, and things of this nature.  It is not my favorite time but I’ve learned to work with it — go with the flow, per se — rather than struggle against it.  Mercury stations, goes direct on April 4th — thank God! — and the shadow period (think of easing off the breaks and depressing the gas pedal, slowly, in an automobile) ends on the 23rd.  We will begin to feel much lighter, the stress of the last month will ease, day by day, until the 23rd.  You can exhale now!  Do beware lingering effects of the shadow period by watching for the usual mechanical problems, difficulties with agreements and communications, though things will be noticeably better and easier as time goes on.  Continue meditating about what actions you will next take.  Mars has also been in retrograde since January and stations, goes direct on April 13th, but will not be in full force until June.

These days you may continue to feel pensive, thoughtful about many things in life.  We are thinking more before we act on our ideas and this is a good thing.  During this time, Mars aspect Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto on the Full Moon, April 6th.  The effects will be felt for about another week after that.  Try to continue to do more thinking than actively doing.  If you do not know what to do, do nothing: wait things out another week, preferably, wait until the New Moon of April 21st, for decisive, energetic action.

Neptune, Uranus continue to exert influence during the month of April and especially at the New Moon of April 21st.  Friday, April 13th, is the last quarter Moon, emphasis on Neptune, aspect Chiron, square Venus.  These aspects speak to us about relationships of all kinds, repairing them, working on them, bringing healing to them as Chiron is, after all, the Wounded Healer.  The month of April gives us pause to reflect on many things going on in our lives especially all things relationship.  We will find that things happen for a reason — for good or bad — but with purpose.  We get the idea — we begin to understand the “why” of why things are with the help of Uranus.  Neptune lends its energy that gives us the knowledge to go forward with courage, helps clarify the “why” questions while giving us more “why” questions to think about.  This is all good because sometimes we get so entrenched in patterns, habits, ways of doing things, that we are on a kind of automatic pilot: just doing without thinking much.  The way we think continues to change thanks to Neptune, and helps us think outside the box.  April 10th, Pluto stations, remains influential.  Though we are losing the Grand Trine assistance from March, we still have some energy here.  Focus shifts to Uranus, Pluto square and we are still thinking, deeply thinking about what we wish to transform and change in our lives as this energy builds.  The New Moon on April 21st gives us a glimmer of the energy we will have available by June 24th, which is when we experience the great shift in energy and for months to come.

Think of change as necessary: if we do not change we do not grow.  Sometimes we may feel we do not want to change anything at all and we become stagnant.  I prefer to think of these changes as good though, admittedly at times, I do not like the thought of things changing any more than the next person.  Think of the economy: that needs to change and though we may not like what’s happening now we somehow feel safe with the status quo because we know what it is.  We think of the elections with hope and also trepidation: we want things to change but we fear what may come — what needs to happen — for any change to occur at all.  This is a time of personal change though so look within yourself for what you feel you wish to change and what you fear changing about yourself and your life.  Ask yourself what about change you fear — answer yourself honestly.  Take fear out of the equation.  When you remove the fear — if you had no fear of change at all — what would you change about yourself and your life as you know it?  This is what I wish you would think about now: no fear of change, embracing change, and making those changes within yourself.

Changes are coming: be the one in control of the change as much as possible.  If I gave you a new car I’d not ask you to sit in it while it drives itself: I’d suggest you grab the wheel with both hands and enjoy the ride!

God bless you all this month and always,