ASTRO-BITES™ LEO: New Moon in Sagittarius 11/22/2014


LeoLeo, I’ve been reminding my friends that Saturn’s transit in any sign reminds us of one very, very important rule of thumb: do the right thing at all times. That’s what I feel compelled to tell you, Leo, and perhaps it means something to you.

This New Moon energy should have you feeling up, vibrant, and able to tackle challenges. There’s one long-standing challenge that you’ve not found a solution for and it seems related to finances or housing, or both. The finances seem to take a turn for the better soon and a friend seems to have a hand in it. The housing situation seems a little confused; either you will have to leave your current residence soon and must find a new one or there is some remodeling or redecorating going on at your present home. Maybe someone’s moved in with you or someone’s moved out and you’re capturing space for yourself.

I know Leos and you sure can be randy! Sometimes you just get caught up in one love affair after another. Even if they are only love affairs in the mind, for you single folks. What I suggest is that you take this New Moon, energy and put it to good use. Maybe put the relationship chasing aside for a time while you sort out your next important moves.

Contemplate: A man keeps his focus by channeling all his energy into creating a business plan into the wee hours of the night. When he’s tired of working on the plan he sleeps peacefully.

Caveat: You may need to forgo the physical side of life for a time while you work on the practical, like money, shelter, and career. If all that’s settled and there are no issues, then it’s time to organize your thoughts!

ASTRO-BITES™ CANCER: New Moon in Sagittarius 11/22/2014


CancerCancer, this New Moon in Sagittarius is actually helpful for you. You may have a flash of insight that helps you sort out a problem with your schedule. It does look to me that you’ve got too many irons in the fire. If you can’t help that, it’s understandable, but this moon is asking you to take control of what you can. You may have to soon speak up for yourself and it could be in a long overdue talk with your employer. This isn’t the best day for a heated discussion so perhaps postpone this talk a couple of days unless the situation presents itself as inevitable.

Keep in mind that your need to get some more rest because it’s very likely you’re not sleeping well or enough. Maybe there are a lot of ideas rolling around in your mind but I get the feeling you’re fixated on one troublesome issue that just doesn’t seem to resolve itself.

There’s a saying I like, Cancer, and it goes something like this, ‘You can’t keep doing the same thing and expect a different result.’ It basically means that if what you’re doing isn’t working, then do something different.

Contemplate: There’s only so much debris you can sweep under the rug before even you trip on it.

Caveat: You should focus on working out that one troublesome area in your life, that one problem, the one thing that haunts you most. You’re not going to move forward the right way unless you do. There’s no sense in moving forward if it means you’re going to take two steps back to correct this issue once and for all.

ASTRO-BITES™ GEMINI: New Moon in Sagittarius 11/22/2014


GeminiGemini, today isn’t the clearest day for you. You may even feel confused. While everyone’s off on an adventure, even an adventure of the mind acted out in a park, you’ll be the one actually contemplating serious thoughts. This may even be to your own vexation! Don’t worry about it too much because you’re on the right path for you.

The New Moon in Sagittarius is light and airy, adventurous and exploring. It’s also about learning new things and furthering education in many ways. In your world this will likely manifest in a spiritual way. Perhaps you will stumble upon an aha moment in something you’re reading. Maybe you pulled out your book on something esoteric, or perhaps you’ve discovered yoga or meditation. Maybe you’ve rediscovered Jesus! Whatever it is that you’re inclined to spiritually, this is the correct path of learning for you.

You may have not had the best last few days, Gemini, and I hear you. You’re getting better at looking at the reality of the thing. But keep in mind that may be the reason you’re reaching for the spiritual answers; you likely know there’s more to life than this place, anyway.

Contemplate: Is every day a good day for you, Gemini? Or have they been pretty bad lately? Or, have you had all good days and just some shit hit the fan here and there?

Caveat: The universe isn’t doing anything to you. It’s just the world we live in. Yes, there’s a higher power. But you have to locate it first within yourself.

ASTRO-BITES™ TAURUS: New Moon in Sagittarius 11/22/2014


TaurusTaurus, like everyone else, the Sagittarius New Moon makes you feel like you want to change something, learn more, do something exotic, or even get away far! But that may not be practical for you or anyone else, of course.

I do feel the need to mention that some of you actually have an impending physical move, like a house move. If so, then make sure you’re not over-thinking how far away from ‘here’ you want to go. Be practical as you always are. Just a little FYI that comes to mind.

This New Moon is poised to give you a nice push in the motivational tush! So, do take advantage of the energy that’s available but be sure you’re focusing it on the here and now, the ‘real life’ and not just the fantasies that make dreaming things up fun. Keep it grounded, that’s all you need to do. Because financially it looks to me that you’re poised to benefit when the fruit is ripe on the vine. Keep working at it.

Contemplate: A gardener tends to his crops and fruit trees every day and doesn’t check the calendar for harvest time; he checks the crops and fruit to see if they’re ready — and no sooner.

Caveat: Be careful that you don’t lose your patience with a loved one today, or even a friend. Confrontations are likely and you don’t need distractions from your crops!

ASTRO-BITES™ ARIES: New Moon in Sagittarius 11/22/14


AriesAries, the New Moon in Sagittarius is very good for you. You have long been hard at it and it’s time to break free a bit. Maybe you feel like doing something very different or exotic; an antidote for this would be finally getting groceries to make that Chinese dish you’ve always wanted to try making. It will help curb your yearning for distant lands until you can actually plan a trip. You don’t have to take a real trip you know — what is *real*, anyway? Google any place on the planet and it’s very likely Google Explorers have gone there for you! It’s a great time to stretch your mind and your thinking.

If you’re drawn inward, that’s okay, too. A journey within is the most important journey of all. Maybe you’ve been thinking about the underdogs and why you always feel compelled to champion them (you are wonderful!). Maybe you’re just trying to understand your motivations in order to better channel your energies in this way.

Contemplate: What would you like to do next, Aries, if you could do anything you please? In what way can you do what you wish, even from your own comfy armchair?

Caveat: Make sure you’re not taking on too much or offering too much support at this time as it’s very likely you’ll speak before thinking things through.

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