Like the Tiger, the Cat would do well to relax this year and enjoy the comfort and quiet of home. While the Dragon year is very seductive for the Cat, imagine the other synonymous creature that Cat people are like or referred to: Rabbit or Hare. Is it no wonder that the Cat/Rabbit/Hare people should not necessary let the Dragon year lure them into danger? It is a nice year for the Cat people and the Cat would do well to respect the Dragon, smile, and wave (and not be led into any dangerous situations, ideas, or mingle with risky people!). Cat people should take care of themselves this year and be sure to take all the usual precautions — and then some. It is not to say this is an unsafe year, as the Dragon wishes no harm on anyone. It is that the Dragon is quite a strong year and the Cat people are so gentle! Just be careful in all ways this year and take no unusual risks.

What are Cat people like?

Cat people are very talented, they like to be ambitious, they are quite refined, just like cats are. You can trust a Cat person with secrets as they don’t tend to gossip even for gain. They are gentle, easy, and they do not throw temper tantrums. They are great business persons and even a handshake is a contractual obligation! Cat people have great timing, too, and much luck in speculation though they really don’t like to gamble in any way. They have a little psychic edge over other animals and tend to be sensitive of other’s feelings. Wise is the Cat who takes the year of the Dragon to bask in the sun like cats like to do and they are very good about knowing when to pounce and when to slip into the safety of a large, comfortable chair! People love and admire Cat people just as the legendary cats of ancient Egypt. They are good people, with much virtue and moral standards, they are people of integrity and much adored! Consider that people who don’t cats are usually terrified of them. But what is there to fear about a cat? Cats are good in service, they clear a home of mice, keep it safe, set the rules — and love to be fawned over though they will not make an overt show of what they want. Cat people can be so financially lucky it’s no wonder Cat people don’t rule the world! After all, we know people don’t own cats: cats OWN their people! Very articulate and graceful, Cat people make engaging and entertaining speakers!

Cat people are very compatible with Sheep, Pig, and Dog types!