Dragon year is a stellar year for the precocious Monkey people! Dragons love Monkeys, their natural companion and partner in Chinese astrology mischief! Dragons are naturally drawn to Monkey people and are very compatible in all ways, so you can imagine the Monkey’s delight that his best friend is the ruler, king of the year! The Dragon is lovely year for the Monkey and Monkey people would do well to take all that is handed to them and to ask for more — and loudly — as the Dragon will bend over backwards and swallow fire for his natural love in the Chinese system. Monkeys are highly entertaining and though they are hard to contain, the Dragon enjoys the Monkey’s pranks and sets the stage for anything the Monkey dares dream. While the Monkey wants to make as much noise as possible the Dragon will provide ample opportunity and Monkey people are well advised to accept and any all invitations to parties and fete where mischief, mayhem, and sexual escapades paramount! The Dragon will protect his little Monkeys by warning others not to interfere with his best friend’s exploits! The Dragon year will be banner for travel, short and long distance, and to foreign places and people, so the Monkey is advised to grab the Dragon’s tail and go for quite a ride this year which will ease the Monkey’s inherent restlessness and be welcome relief from last year’s doldrums where Monkeys were prone to escapist antics without the Dragon’s protection. This year, Monkey should expect a wildly advantageous year with great potential to make large sums of money. Monkeys, this year is yours and much like Dragons who are favored this year, go ahead and make as much noise as you wish, merry make until you are dizzy, keep pushing forward and never looking back: your spotlight is shining on you, courtesy your best friend, the Dragon! You do know how to say thank you to your Dragon, so do not forget to shout it from your Monkey tree tops!

What are Monkey people like?

Monkey people are, as you would imagine, the brilliant creatures all the other animals crave to be entertained by. While they are sometimes erratic, they are the natural geniuses of the Chinese zodiac. They are skilled at making people laugh, they are completely original, and they are clever beyond imagination. It is hard for most to keep up with Monkeys because Monkeys are always looking for the next problem to solve. It’s not work for Monkey people as Monkey people adore challenge and puzzles. There is little a Monkey person can’t excel at but their downfall is their tendency to appease others at their own expense. They are quite impatient and the best way for Monkey to upset is not have instant gratification whether in something they want to do and do NOW, something they want to try and try NOW, and they have little time to waste and little desire for people who waste their time, though they will not tell a soul they are completely bored with that situation or person: they just jump to the next tree, swinging happily from limb to limb, knowing no real harm comes to them.

Boredom can very well be insanity to Monkey types until they are appeased like a spoiled child. While Monkeys are excellent decision makers, they will have less than pleasant words for those with less than amazing motivation! Monkey needs to remember that not all animals were blessed with their uncanny ability to live freely and they tend to look down on others who are mired in the mud or stuck in their own ruts. Monkeys are natural detectives, always digging up what they wish to understand and little known to the person they have defined, they are quickly done. Monkeys want to learn everything! And they want to learn it NOW. Monkey memory is legendary so don’t bother telling the Monkey what was and wasn’t so. The sexual acrobat of the zodiac, the Monkey bores easily with a less than attentive, insensitive, or lover who fails to entertain them to the Nth degree! It’s not merely an act, it is a means to survive! Monkeys are hyper intelligent so no sense trying to dupe one, let alone lie to one. They are often vain but only because every other animal is showering them with compliments! And while the Monkey doesn’t believe anyone, anyway, and see his Monkey reflection, Monkey capitalizes on it and makes more money! The Monkey is not everyone’s cup of tea though the other animals think they want to play with Monkey. Monkey is a daring thing, naturally, takes risks on every level, balances it by being wrong willed, but is not ill tempered. If you upset a Monkey, know they may appear furious but it’s only for show and they are soon soothed without anyone’s assistance. Don’t bother Monkeys with a banana! They know how to get their own!

Monkey people are very compatible with Dragon (of course), and Rat types!