Full Moon

Full Moon in Leo

We know Full Moons represent the culmination of things begun at the previous New Moon.  The New Moon of January 23rd was in Aquarius — a very powerful New Moon! — so at that time we were thinking about relationships, friends, and people near and dear to us, those close to us.  At the time of this New Moon in Aquarius, Saturn was in final degrees in Libra and today’s Full moon in Leo finds Saturn beginning retrograde in almost the exact same location.  I see this as a kind of turning, changing of events — noticeably so — where we finally say we’ve had enough of the status quo, we may realize we are irritated by the way things are, just as the Sun and Moon oppose each other.

Leo is ruled by the Sun.  Consider that Leo speaks to us about the conscious, the will, the life force.  This Full Moon in Leo gives us an opportunity to change things, turn them around, while reflecting and thinking about the way we express ourselves, our wants, our needs.

Saturn will speak to us asking, “What are you doing in your relationships — what’s going on there — is this all just okay for you or do you want to change something?” and we will have a good long time to think about relationships of all kinds and what we want and figure out we need to change.  This Full Moon in Leo is in opposition to the Sun in Aquarius which makes us feel like we need to think about the way things are, if we are happy or unhappy with our progress from about two weeks ago at the New Moon.