The ChariotI was just telling my friend Pavan Prabhu something that I thought I’d better make a note of. I don’t usually interpret moons because it’s pretty easy for anyone else to do it for themselves and it takes me longer to do because I don’t just go over the top. Most of what’s written out there for free is pretty general. I have to mix a few schools together to come up with anything authentic that I think is halfway decent. Anyway, I am writing these Astro-Bites for the Sagittarius New Moon because this isn’t really a typical Sag New Moon in my opinion.

I think that Scorpio influence is so dominant that this is more of a Sag New Moon under Scorpio’s heavy gaze. There’s no escaping it and try as Sag might to wiggle, party, play, adventure, dance, or even astral travel away from Scorpio, it’s not going to happen. Flighty Sag will have to endure great-aunt Scorpio’s influence for about a week! It’s all good though.

There’s the element of object placements that hearken back to difficult themes of the past that I don’t want to bring up at this New Moon. This is the precursor to Saturn leaving Scorpio and entering Sagittarius, and there was just too much energy in Scorpio to think this will be a happy, crazy, lighthearted Sagittarius week.

Best advice I have for everyone for this week? Watch your words. Be careful what you say; you could say too much, over-commit, and regret your promises later. You also don’t need to confront people or otherwise lose your temper. It’s going to feel a bit like a push-pull week and I’m reminded of the Chariot tarot card; this is a good week to find balance between the way you feel and the way you react, no matter what’s going on around you.

And, as always, do the right thing!