Wordpress Astro ClockI’ve got some homestretch admonitions that I’ll record soon but I want you to have some sense of peace about Saturn for now. I know you’re wondering what’s going on with it. Saturn’s always somewhere in the sky, of course. It’s in Scorpio right now (and each person, regardless of their sign, has Saturn in the house that their Scorpio placement rules and has been learning lessons in that house since about October, 2012. But, a note to SCORPIO and those with strong Scorpio placement (and Taurus, as you sit across the sky from Scorpio — you’ve been hit too): you’ve been taking it all directly. This would be the time that some Scorpions are still under Saturn’s heavy thumb though the time is getting short. I know you’re tired! It’s almost over so I hope, I do very much hope, that you’ve used this time wisely. You’ll one day soon look back and thank Saturn for all he taught you. The lessons are worthy of the student, my friends. If you’re reading this right now, you’re more than worthy of Saturn’s rewards, too! (more…)