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Once Upon A Long, Painful Time Ago, I Didn’t Buckle Up.

Buckle Up!

Buckle Up!

PAIN:  You are not my friend.  Go away!  I am working on something that causes me to have to sit and type for hours at a time and it causes me a lot of pain in my mid and upper back, from my shoulder blades to the bottom of my skull. Well, it’s painful enough. I have a much easier time when I don’t have to sit for long periods like this and my tablet is my friend when I’m not typing a long document. The little tablet is popular in our house because we can walk around with it, the kids love to take photos with it and they like using the funny apps like Aging Booth and things like that when they are playing. I like to take it with me everywhere I go so I can take photos and share them with my Facebook family.

But tonight this freaking pain in my back and neck is really giving me a hard time. Todd’s alternately working on the toilet repair, dinner, and stopping by to massage my sore muscles. All of this stems from a stupid car accident when I was 18 and I’m reminded of that one moment in time when my life was changed, permanently. After three MRIs and a lot of doctor appointments I understand what caused the headaches and pain that have plagued me for more than half my life. I don’t know how I coped with it all and some days I’m reminded that I’m still coping and will always have to cope with some level of discomfort or pain.  Seatbelt — oh seatbelt! — why didn’t I know about you before this? (more…)


How Does Diabetes Affect the Body?


If the blood sugar (glucose) is not controlled, it can lead to a number of complications:

  • Eye problems
  • Heart disease
  • Stroke
  • Kidney failure
  • Nerve damage
  • Loss of limbs
  • Tooth and gum problems

Diabetes injures the blood vessels that serve a number of key body organs. This can go on to damage your vision, your heart, your kidneys. It can delay or prevent tissues from healing. If wounds do not heal, it can lead to amputation.

Blood vessel injury can lead to:

  • Heart attacks and heart failure
  • Stroke
  • Loss of vision, even blindness
  • Poor kidney function, even kidney failure
  • Poor wound healing, including minor injuries
  • Poor circulation
  • Amputation, usually of toes, feet or lower legs, can result from poor circulation and poor wound healing
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