Made 32 quarts of chicken soup
The right way
My way
Took the bones to the trash
Should bury them I think
Like a dead pet
Not supposed to care
I didn’t kill it
See it bleed

What a lovely moon
Giant, misty ring around it
Why why why why
Who knows
Full moon in the cold sky warms my heart
Feels nice
I suppose that’s telling
Never mind

Draped wine-colored fabric around my bed
So romantic
What’s romantic about
Synthetic fabric cocoon
Doesn’t even smell like wine
‘Man made synthetic fibers is not flame resistant!’
Smells like a warning

The boys were in bed hours ago
Full of chicken soup
Big, sleepy boys
My love babies
Mom’s never sleepy
Mom has all kinds of mom things to do like cooking/cleaning/laundry
Even on date night
For daters

I drill holes in my bedroom walls
I feel like it
Make noise
Hang things
Not romantic
Man-made synthetic fire fibers
Freaking stupid

Make mistakes drilling holes in plaster
Measure twice, cut once
So I don’t
Can’t make me

Drill more mistake holes
Poke a hole in my finger
Matches my synthetic cocoon
Fill mistake holes carelessly
Blood on my bedroom wall
Sounds like a sick love story


So good to be grown-up

I can drill holes in my bloody bedroom walls




An Ode to Lies and Goodbyes


Even to will myself to cry is impossible to me

It should come easily


What would you care? Obviously you don’t.

Everything you’ve done to me, everything

Enough to make me bleed


I neither cry nor bleed, tears and blood the same.

What you’ve done to me — to us — you’ve no shame

Your lies, endless lies


Nothing matters to you. I certainly do not.

I could wish you the same or repay you with worse

Your mockery of love



To Me, For Me, For Eternity


Guide me, sweet moon, where I have to go

While I may not be sure, heaven does know

And while at times I am shadowed, afraid

I trust in your light a path you have made


And for me that path may yet be unclear

I know in my heart my days you will steer

Though 42 years often feel quite long

None of my years have you been wrong


Much of my life has been filled with pain

At times things ventured and little gained

My heart on my sleeve but honestly worn

Risking break and bleed and often torn


The hands of the cruel are viciously keen

Adept at ripping my heart from my sleeve

Never considering their weight or grasp

They nearly choked me, for air I gasp


Under the light of the slim orange moon

Clearly days are short, each comes soon

As each revelation comes to pass

Away I slip while your days end fast


I have no fear, no guilt, or shame

I have the clairty and am not to blame

He who creates their own destruction

Walks backward at every petty junction


As I walk carefully toward my goals

The unkind recklessly over burning coals

Comfortable am I at pillowed throne

And the cruel create hard seat of stone


Dark night of soul and hidden moon

I am promised distant day comes soon

That day is near and for you I fear

And shed tonight my very last tear


The sun will rise and take moon’s place

And to the heavens I turn up my face

Rather than discard the happiness mine

I embrace the sun’s pleasant warm shine


For me the journey has only just begun

I am thankful the moon did concede to sun

My soul is pure and though a bit shaken

The moon has never for me been mistaken


For in the end there is at least one clue

I once gave the sun and moon to you

Those callous hands once I did adore

Belong to you and there’s nothing more


Take what you carelessly thought gripped

Between your fingers I have easily slipped

And to the moon I thankfully bow my head

I now sweetly dream the sunrise from bed


I was promised once the sun and moon

Your careless words spoken you too soon

Fret not your word and promises broken

The slim orange moon tonight has spoken


To me, for me, for eternity.

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