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FOX NEWS SUCKS. HARD. Wonder who the other terrorists are?


Turn off FOXI know people who watch FOX News and each one has some obvious mental health issues. My mother was poisoned by FOX and after watching this I’m only too happy she has a job that keeps her busy, gas is cheap so she can drive around to entertain herself, and she has good healthcare coverage so she can afford medication. For anger issues caused by FOX. Look, I know people who believe this all to be true and they are also not well; I feel sorry for them but they are the ones watching. Sick, sick people in the world, friends. This isn’t helping them get better.

Check out Steve Judd’s take on FOX. Right! FOX is full of crap!


My bras don't fit.

My bras don’t fit.

Took a shower. Decided that it’s about time I start wearing clothes without asking the scale what (or if) I should wear clothes. I put on a bra; it didn’t fit. None of my bras fit. Had to grab a bandeau — had to remove the stupid pads. Still couldn’t put it on without…pliers. Muttered to myself that men would think this is a good thing no matter what their age while women (my age) realize this is not a good thing. Realized the dialog running through my mind is excellent stand-up material.

Don’t be a TROLL. Respect other’s posts!



I was just chatting with Lourdes de la Nuez and her friends about a topic that sometimes we tend to forget. Someone posted something on her page that was less than polite and sounds like it was downright rude, unfortunately. I can’t believe that some people need to be reminded but I’m going to write about this in case it is happening to you and you’re not sure what to do. This can apply to people who email you, text message you, or connect with you on other social networks. I think it goes without saying that we all naturally expect to be treated with respect, dignity, and we expect to feel comfortable talking about whatever is on our minds without fear of someone coming along with road rage.

OPW: Other People’s Walls. When you see someone’s posts, keep in mind that if they’re posting on their walls and pages, that’s their “house”. Just like you wouldn’t walk into someone’s house and insult their family, friends, views, or their tastes, the same goes for whatever they post on their walls. I’ve been lucky and have only had like two people who I’ve had to be firm with and actually had to school them in manners a bit. What they do outside my page and in reply to other posts is up to them and the people they are harassing. If someone asks me for advice on these things, this is what I advise, just the same. You can post whatever you want on your page, within the TOS of Facebook and the law, of course. But it seems that some people just don’t know how to comport themselves in reply to other people’s posts. (more…)

Men & Women: 6th and 7th Senses. I’m for hire: I’m worth (at least) $138,095 annually per MSN Money!



I’m beginning to think the old wive’s tale that women have a 6th psychic sense AND a 7th is TRUE: the Woman/Mother Sense which also senses the 7th sense in men, the “If Woman is Here and I’m Asleep, She Will Let the Dog Out/In/Attend to the Kids/Move the Laundry/Be Sure Everything’s In Order” sense. I’m assuming men have a 6th sense and if they don’t, we’ll skip to seven, anyway, for sake of continuity.

Just bear with me: at 4:35 a.m. apparently I’m the only human in this house that hears and responds to the dog’s needs, every night and every morning. This morning, Truffle was at it early but she also had a rough night after being sprayed by a skunk and bathed in unusual combinations of chemicals: she wanted to go outside, she wanted water, she wanted to be spoken to gently, she wanted to go back to bed. I should be in bed! I can’t:    my 7th Woman/Mother sense told me to check on the sleeping forms that are my young men whose 6th psychic sense is sharp because they are innocent and whose 7th “If Woman is Here” sense is not yet developed and is in the early stages of “If Mommy is Here She Does it All Because She Gave Birth To and Loves Me” growth (that’s okay, they are children and can even hear the dog while sleeping). Both boys had immunizations yesterday, three including one combination Meningitis/Whooping Cough and Tetanus (the one people hate to get) and at 4:35 a.m., both are running low grade, detectable fevers. One said, “Mom, my arm’s completely numb” to which I responded, “You probably slept on it” and the other said, “Jeez! My arm really HURTS! Someone kicked my a$$!” (clever 11 year old) to which I responded, “Neither of you wanted pain medication yesterday.” I mean, I raise them like men and didn’t hold their hand during immunization (though Todd did, okay, I’ll accept Todd, a male, said he’d do it). The kids were just showing me they recall I taught them that men do not show evidence of pain and suffering because they are not women. I gave the clever round one Tylenol and Ibuprofen, the skinny tall one a bottle of water, and kissed them both on the cheek because it’s not okay for them to demonstrate pain — only quiet discomfort! I’ll let the a$$ word slide tonight — but they cannot demonstrate weakness, “Someone kicked my a$$!” or not!


Somebody’d Better Start Splitting Wood!!!


I’m supposed to be out the door, jogging, fashionable, put together (never know who’s going to see me — there are farmers out there!), but I’m dilly-dallying because it’s CHILLY! I have a pile of wood and need a lumberjack! The only thing to look forward to about winter and snow is…cuddling. :)

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