YouTube DOES take its content creators and partners, like Rita and many others, very seriously. When someone downloads a video and uploads them as their own it is a crime. YouTube takes precautions to protect everyone involved for their hard work making YouTube what it is today. With that said, it took YouTube less than one day to protect not only Rita and her team’s hard work by removing the videos; it also booted the user responsible.

At Siete Potencias Entertainment we also take our friends — you aren’t just fans — seriously. You take your time to watch Rita’s videos and that means something to us: you care about your content as much as we do about bringing it to you.

Rita’s content and appearances are always unique, fun, and requires a lot of effort on her part for various reasons. She likes to remind her friends that she does this for no reason other than to share her love with you and to remind you that life is full of hope and better days, no matter how hard some of them might be at times. She likes people to remember she’s just like you and me and that means she’s not going anywhere! “If I can’t make someone smile or give them something to think about then I don’t want to do anything. I’ll just take to my bed. Until I pull my head out of my butt. Because you know what? CHICKEN BUTT.”

Okay! That’s Rita.

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Every day is a gift; make the most of it! Rita habla Español, pero quiere que sepas que desde que murió su padre no tiene con quien practicar. Ella hará lo mejor para comunicarse con usted y seguro que te reirás como resultado!

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