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♥$25 FULL HOUR♥ Tarot Card Reading or Coaching Session with Rita!

Rita Evelyn Yanez

Rita Evelyn Yanez

Private tarot card readings are always, always $25 for a FULL hour with Rita! This offer is always extended because Rita believes all people should have access to her psychic readings, coaching, and the benefit of her education and experience. Hiring the BEST professional to assist you shouldn’t take food off your table or compromise your family’s budget.

Rita extended her services across the Internet beginning in 1994! She understands people, situations, and knows how to handle all your concerns. She also believes in being fair in business and has her clients’ best interests at heart. She also loves people very, very much and loves serving others.

Rita’s clients include celebrities, laypersons, medical professionals, attorneys, politicians, and tarot card readers, among others. Your information is confidential and secure. Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom or dad, grandparent, or fellow global citizen of the world, Rita will take her time and handle you with care.

Need an assist? Maybe some feedback and advice? Book your session with Rita and ease your mind. If your situations is particularly challenging you shouldn’t have to stress over it alone; let Rita ease your mind and help you work through anything. Difficult relationships and dynamics are her forte!

Teens more than welcome! Just have your parent or guardian schedule your appointment!

Why I do what I do for you!


Tarot CardsI’m sure you’ve noticed how much work I put into everything, especially my tarot and astrology work. I’m often asked if I’m paid for this: not at all! So you probably wonder why I’m doing it at all.

I’ve been doing this kind of work on the Internet since 1994, believe it or not. Some of you weren’t born or were in utero while I logged into AOL and was creating web pages in HTML! I know what a dial-up modem sounds like. I bet you’ve only heard that sound on YouTube Poop (it really does sound like that). I’m a very instinctive being and I do what the spirit leads me to do. So, at that time, that’s where I was led. I wasn’t very interested in role-playing games at the time, a la, looks at the ceiling, scratching head. If you don’t know what that means…LOL!

I have thousands and thousands of friends all over the world. Many of them have been with me since 1994. Others are childhood friends from the block that I was fortunate to reunite with thanks to Facebook. Many people just appeared in my life in one way or another. Over time, it became obvious that I’m pretty good at reading people, understanding them, and counseling them came naturally. My ex-husband actually learned to loathe it; I was working out of my home to stay close to my children (I’m one of those people who actually believe in raising her own, hands on) and my clients would just kind of hang around long after my work was done. My suffering ex would throw blocks down by grabbing me by the hand and pulling me inside from waving goodbye at the curb. I recall he said, “There’s something about you; people just stick.” That’s been true most of my life and at 46 years old I’ve finally learned what it takes work not end up Velcro stuck to people and tucking them all in bed at night!

Why help people who don’t pay me? Well, I hope for people that will pay me, too, you know. But the reason why I help the way I do is yes, the spirit leads me, and I believe that I’m doing the right thing because it feels right. There are lots of people bumping around in the world that just need a little help and they’re fine. Granted, there are people who need a lot of help and training and I pretty much burned out on coaching them. So I had to redesign the way to still reach thousands of people a day without sacrificing every ounce of energy I have. Someone’s got to do the cooking, cleaning, and minding the children here and with three sons that means a lot of all of the above. Like I said, I’m hands on and even if I could afford someone to do the work for me, hell no; I raise my own children the old-fashioned way. So yeah, there are a lot of people who ask me for help and want my time, advice, attention, and in the end — over the years in some cases — I’ve come to realize that they can’t be worked with, not really, because they don’t know what they’re doing…at all. Or worse, they think they do, their lives are a mess, but they think it’s all great and they’re so on it! I just direct them to the same videos and writings that I create for others. When I’ve time, I humor them. I realize there are people who just want to ‘play’ with me but I really don’t have the time. I can monkey around here and there because I was born in the year of the Chinese Monkey. But truly, what I do is very serious business, I assure you.

I do my best to get information out as time permits; I’ve tried schedules and that doesn’t quite work out. So, I’ve learned to not worry so much about getting it all out there ‘on time’. I also learned, over time, that the messages I deliver are meant for the querent or recipient no matter when or how they find it. There always seems to be an omen in my work somewhere that resonates with just the right person. Only days ago, one person I reached was suicidal; she changed her mind and straightened her back after we were done. And if she’s the only person I know I’ve ever helped in all of my years of trying to help people, then I am at peace with that.

I’m not looking for brownie points. But I do know what karma is. I’ve got three sons who are happy, healthy, successful, and the light of my life. Jesus has been very, very good to me and has saved my butt countless times. When I wonder why He protects me the way He does, why His Angels keep their eyes on my children all the time, and why I’ve been blessed HUGE in my darkest hours, I realize that He gave me gifts that were to be put to good use. I did that. I know He’s proud of me. Look up the parable of the talents if you don’t know what it is. I think you’ll understand me better if you read that.

God bless you, every single one.


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