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♥$25 FULL HOUR♥ Tarot Card Reading or Coaching Session with Rita!

Rita Evelyn Yanez

Rita Evelyn Yanez

Private tarot card readings are always, always $25 for a FULL hour with Rita! This offer is always extended because Rita believes all people should have access to her psychic readings, coaching, and the benefit of her education and experience. Hiring the BEST professional to assist you shouldn’t take food off your table or compromise your family’s budget.

Rita extended her services across the Internet beginning in 1994! She understands people, situations, and knows how to handle all your concerns. She also believes in being fair in business and has her clients’ best interests at heart. She also loves people very, very much and loves serving others.

Rita’s clients include celebrities, laypersons, medical professionals, attorneys, politicians, and tarot card readers, among others. Your information is confidential and secure. Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom or dad, grandparent, or fellow global citizen of the world, Rita will take her time and handle you with care.

Need an assist? Maybe some feedback and advice? Book your session with Rita and ease your mind. If your situations is particularly challenging you shouldn’t have to stress over it alone; let Rita ease your mind and help you work through anything. Difficult relationships and dynamics are her forte!

Teens more than welcome! Just have your parent or guardian schedule your appointment!

How to schedule your personal tarot card reading or personal coaching session with Rita!


How to schedule your own personal tarot card reading or personal coaching session with Rita!

The Lovers

Welcome, friend!

Do you have a situation that’s a little perplexing? Perhaps you need some clarity about an important matter in your life. You believe you’d feel better, make better choices, and have a stronger sense of direction if there were someone to talk to who could listen to you, understand you, and give you helpful and objective feedback. Well, you’ve just found that person in Rita!

A tarot reading with Rita will help you uncover all the information specific to your personal situation for review. By reviewing your situation in detail, Rita will help you understand the options available to you, and the advantages and drawbacks, if any, of each option. Be empowered. Be smart about your life. Make good choices and live fully, fearlessly, and passionately!

Rita reads for many people. She’s the tarot card reader’s reader! Rita reads for other tarot card readers regularly. She reads for women and men, young and mature alike, and her new clients become regulars with many scheduling multiple readings in advance. Rita’s tarot reading style is very relaxed, easy and cooperative so you can be assured all your questions will be addressed. Readings are about an hour long but if you prefer more time with Rita you can add on additional time when you schedule your appointment.

Weekly TAROT-TORTURE™ and monthly TAROT-TORTURE SPEED READ™tarot card readings on YouTube by Rita Evelyn Yanez and Siete Potencias Entertainment for all astrology signs for each day of the week! TEENS welcome, included, and cheered on! Schedule your personal tarot card reading with Rita at or navigate directly to Personal coaching sessions are available at Create your own FREE natal chart at

Have a great week and make the most of every day!

Rita habla Español, pero quiere que sepas que desde que murió su padre no tiene con quien practicar. Ella hará lo mejor para comunicarse con usted y seguro que te reirás como resultado!

God bless you, friend!!

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