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What the heck is going on?!


Bad Words

Who knew “ ” could cause such TROUBLE?

Oh Lord! Mercury: take your leave of me!



Mercury. Retrograde. RAWR!


Rita, srsly


You have no idea! Or at least I hope you don’t! I’m uploading what I can and yeah, rebooting and restarting and redoing and retrograding.

Mercury retrogrades three to four times per year for three to four weeks at a time. Not including shadow periods. Mercury is in Aquarius and for me that means a lotta computer mischief.

Oh well, as my dad used to say, “Seguiremos luchando!” (We continue struggling. Or fighting. It all depends on which Cuban person you’re talking to. Me? I think I’m struggling. Like a fish up stream. Except I’m not trying to spawn.)

Now I feel dirty. Lord!


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