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I think of you so much the thought clouds curl my hair!


Ipsum thought cloudI have so much I want to share with you I fear I may explode. I know that sounds gross–just bear with me. I’ll clean up if I do bust.

I’ll do my best to keep up with everything but really, what I’d like to share most with you is HOPE; everything’s going to be alright.

No! Everything’s going to be AMAZING.

Much love to you! God bless.

What Is the Secret to Happiness?



I asked my friends today (my Facebook) family a question:  What is the secret to happiness?  Many friends had many different things to say about what makes them happy.  What makes you happy?  What is your secret to happiness?  This is a post for everyone who responded to my questions and I appreciate them so much!  This is also for everyone who wonders about happiness, whether they are or not (maybe you wonder) and what you can do to change your thinking about happiness.

Everyone, ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters: What beautiful thoughts on what makes you happy!  Everything I’ve read is right on, right on!  Everyone has shared something that makes sense — what makes them happy — and knowing that you know something or many things that makes you happy — and my asking you what that is — has caused you to think on it, write it down, and read what others have to say, too.  Perhaps you’ve discovered other ways that make you happy.  Perhaps there are some treasures here that you’d never thought of.  Certainly, for me, there are many things written here that I never thought about in terms of my own happiness.  (more…)

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