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What the heck is going on?!


Bad Words

Who knew “ ” could cause such TROUBLE?

Oh Lord! Mercury: take your leave of me!



Mercury. Retrograde. RAWR!


Rita, srsly


You have no idea! Or at least I hope you don’t! I’m uploading what I can and yeah, rebooting and restarting and redoing and retrograding.

Mercury retrogrades three to four times per year for three to four weeks at a time. Not including shadow periods. Mercury is in Aquarius and for me that means a lotta computer mischief.

Oh well, as my dad used to say, “Seguiremos luchando!” (We continue struggling. Or fighting. It all depends on which Cuban person you’re talking to. Me? I think I’m struggling. Like a fish up stream. Except I’m not trying to spawn.)

Now I feel dirty. Lord!


Astro-Lumination™ Psychic Insights by Rita for week October 6, 2014: Mercury Rx, Lunar and Solar Eclipse, Grand Fire Trine, and Much More! PARTAY!



It’s been a very 2013ish start to 2014, baby!

There is no spoon.

There is no spoon.

So many of you — of us — a little tense, perhaps tired of the astrology thus far, and rightly so. We’ve lived what is honestly more like a very long 2013 up to this point. It’s like 2014 has not started and I’m going to offer you this: 2014 kind of hasn’t really started yet, true. But it is soon! So just tie up the loose ends from 2013 and get those ends that keep fraying under control  Let the problems that surface not be problems at all — let them be your guideposts to help you detect unfinished business — then finish as best you can. If you can’t do the best job wrapping things up, if things still seem unsettled, all you can do is your best, okay — right? There’s nothing more you can do. If you have a particularly troublesome situation, talk to someone you trust for some feedback. Be careful who you talk to, okay, because there is the element — especially today — that if you talk to the wrong person (say a coworker, someone you’re working with who may…carry what you say forward) and what you say could be used to color you at some point in the near future. Men shouldn’t talk to women at work about marriage  or relationship problems, especially, and neither should women talk to men. If you don’t know why, it would take an hour to explain unless I say, “DUH!” It opens the door to love triangles. (more…)

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