Two of CupsTWO OF CUPS (reversed): Aquarius, this card may appear to be about love relationships but don’t be fooled; it’s about any kind of relationship, including business partnerships, and yes love relationships too. Let’s get the relationship stuff out of the way.

If you are in a marriage or other partnered relationship, it’s very likely that you two aren’t getting along. Maybe you’re even bickering. If this is the case, don’t let it get so out of control that the D word comes up. I always say that a good marriage or partnership makes it through the worst of times. A relationship that’s not good, well…you know how it goes. Time is the best test of any relationship. I see these problems as temporary in good relationships.

If you are in a in a secret love affair, tsk tsk, you or your lover may pull out of the relationship. These kinds of relationships do not last, my friend, and they can cause lots of problems. On a side note, the Two of Cups reversed indicates sexually transmitted diseases. Be careful.

If you’re not in a relationship but you want one, you could be very frustrated by either the lack of relationship or just the lust you’ve got going on. Control that thing!

A very worst-case scenario of this card in terms of romance is infidelity and or trust being broken in some way. I feel for you, Aquarius. I hope this is not the case. If it is, just keep in mind that anyone who hurts you this way isn’t really worth keeping around. Just my opinion.

Now, off the love topic. In business and other matters, this is such a good card even when it’s reversed that it likely just symbolizes that something you want isn’t coming soon enough. There could be delays just when you need things to pan out! It is likely a series of adjustments the universe is making for your greater good. There’s nothing like waiting on a check in the mail or some other agreement to culminate so you can get on with it. Especially when it’s a job or other agreement that later results in your take-home pay. Just be patient as this energy is transitional and won’t be around long.

Contemplate: A man sits at his desk trying to keep his mind off the call he’s waiting on while he carries his phone everywhere, even to the toilet, to not miss a communication.

Challenge: Patience, Padawan learner. Patience! Let the universe sort things out and if you’re doing your part in every way, you’re fine. Anything that glitches up is just a little adjustment lesson.

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