Five of Cups

Five of Cups

FIVE OF CUPS: Aquarius, see this image: what does it mean? Or rather, what do you feel it means?


Notice I didn’t ask you what you think it means? Because I don’t want you to think. That’s right; I don’t want you to think!

Let’s look at this card anyway, for what its appearance is worth, because we are learning the cards anyway. This card depicts a sad person whose eyes are downcast. It’s not apparent if he’s looking at the spilled cups or if his eyes are closed. It doesn’t matter because it’s obvious that he’s thinking about the cups that are spilled, anyway.  He isn’t looking at the gorgeous blue sky that looks like sunrise to me. He isn’t looking at the castle or the bridge behind him — the very bridge to the next thing he could do with his life. He doesn’t see the still, blue waters around him and he doesn’t even realize that there are good things growing around him as evidenced by the healthy, green vines on the tree behind him. Notice that the clothes he’s wearing are quite nice? It only appears that he needs a shower and to freshen up — he’s not dirty or in tatters. The only thing this person is doing is focusing on what was, what has happened; and because of this, he doesn’t see the two perfectly good golden goblets right behind him! What does this scene feel like, Aquarius — how does it make you feel?

You likely know what this chap feels like. You think to yourself that you know what it’s like to have it all, and then to lose it. And if so, then you are just like this person! If you thought to yourself what I just wrote, then you are the dejected figure in the Five of Cups — snap out of it at once!

What I hope is that you are able to tell me that while you know what this person feels like, you are nothing like this person. Why, what first got your attention were the two perfectly good ups standing upright behind this character. If that’s the case then very good, we’re on track. Those of you who feel you identify too much with this sad fellow need to pay very close attention to what I’m going to suggest because your astrology is damn good these days!

ADVICE: This should be plain. I suggest that you not focus on what was, what went wrong, or dwell there. I strongly advise you to realize with great clarity that anything that went ‘wrong’, didn’t; things merely changed, shifted, and fell in line to support the framework for what is certainly going to be the foundation for your new best advantage. This card is an illusion! The card that precedes it, the Four of Cups, is about a person who hasn’t lost anything yet and is being offered something more — but is too busy thinking about what he doesn’t yet have to see what’s on offer! Now that you’re at the Five of Cups (for sake of this discussion) you realize that now the changes have occurred, something had to be sacrificed to get to this realization (!!!), and you can feel free to turn around, my friend, and see what’s in the two cups behind you!

Here’s a little hint I feel I must pass on to you: the next card in this suit is the Six of Cups. And while these cards are a story, in a way, we don’t ‘read’ them as such while we’re using them to help ourselves. But in this case I believe it’s important to mention that the Six of Cups is about someone or something from the past coming back. The art in the Six of Cups is usually focused on one child giving a cup full of flowers as a gift to another child. This card usually speaks about someone from the past coming back in a good way, offering you something that feels good and is very familiar to you. Think on that. Let me know how this works out in your life!

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