King of Swords

King of Swords

KING OF SWORDS (reversed): If this card is a person, this is a man or someone with masculine or otherwise dominant energy (yes, it can be your wife if she’s very dominant), and could be someone in authority over you. This could literally be a judge, someone judging you, or even opposing counsel in a legal matter. If this card is you, you need to realize that you are on the wrong track, especially if you feel that the world is against you, that you aren’t getting what you feel you deserve, or have an attitude lately that everyone has ‘done’ something to you or it’s all ‘their’ fault. These are energies in extreme but this is already an extreme energy. I have to say right up front that this isn’t a card that I like to see in the reverse. This person can be a son of a bitch to deal with. That’s why you need to be very certain this person isn’t you.

This king has little or no emotion. He is communicating something that isn’t necessarily fair.  If you are involved in a legal battle of some kind you need to stop, sit down, and go over your entire strategy because this card indicates that you may lose your case. Regardless of whether this person is bending the truth or ignoring facts, doesn’t matter. If this person knows one thing it’s their thing and you won’t make your point with this person. Patience is everything right now so you’d best figure out how to cultivate some!

ADVICE: Take what you hear with caution. Someone may be lying to you and you need to remove your emotion from the equation in order to isolate the facts. You are likely going to have some difficulty sorting things out but you will have an easier time if you don’t get emotional! This king is likely referring to a male that is older than you, in some position of authority over you, and yes, it could be a woman. If someone’s presenting you with the ‘next big thing’ or some idea, be careful, Pisces, this person’s not being honest with you. Remember the old saying about this card: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. If you’re involved in a court case or legal situation of some kind, you need to pull back and create some space and time to rethink your strategy because it doesn’t look like a win at this time. This is not a person that you walk up to and fight; even if you’re pretty sure this person is an idiot and full of himself, you need to keep in mind he’s going to use everything you give him against you — so give him nothing! If this is a relationship matter, Lord…you need your poker face on so you can figure out what this person’s up to. It doesn’t look good. Remember to take what I’m telling you and loosely drape it over your situation to see how it could apply. You could be facing an adversary, for example, at work, and you see how the entire theme could be fitting to even that kind of work relationship.

If this person is you, if this is how you are acting, then you need to get yourself under control! Karma, my friends, remember karma!

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