Seven of Cups

Seven of Cups

SEVEN OF CUPS (reversed): Sagittarius, this card indicates that your energies are scattered. It could be that you aren’t focusing on any one thing to get it right, or, you are hyperactive and focusing on so many things at once that something that matters is going to fall through the cracks. Further, this card could mean that you have the best intentions — you have a dream that you do want to follow through on — but you are feeling a little down and insecure and thinking you won’t be able to get it ‘right’, so why try it at all. This writing will seem full of contradictions so please bear with me; there’s something about you that’s a contradiction right now. And just as everyone knows that a Sag will flitter-flutter between ideas, thoughts, and even emotions (if you have a Sag friend, you know this), I’m going to try to appeal to you while I bob and weave with you!

Sag, this card is talking about balancing fantasy and reality, about balancing dreaming big with being realistic, and about the fine line between optimism and pessimism.  Is your mind trapped in some way? Have you, Sagittarius, allowed your mind to become so narrow that you no longer know how to break out of the mold and into your individuality? Maybe some of you are at jobs where you’re just being used for as long as it works and as long as you’ll take the pats on the back; when really what you want is to start your own business, do your own thing, or at least not be someone’s whipping boy. Maybe you really want to bust out of the rat race and don’t know how to do it because you don’t…have a job. You just feel like you need to bust out! And thus you are prone to doing things without thinking! You may have what seems like a plan to you but if you tested that plan in theory you’d find that it’s not really going to create solutions to your problems. Especially if you don’t know what your problems really are.

This card, we know, talks about the dangers of escapism. It’s not just about the obvious drinking, drugs, and partying every day as an excuse for your lack of motivation. Escapism could happen in many ways like even just staying up all night and sleeping most of the day just because you can. Escapism even happens when a person focuses only on one thing, like a job, and sacrifices all else just because they want to ‘prove to themselves’ that they are on task and are doing a good job of…doing a job. I know of some people who are escape artists in the weirdest way; they come up with all kinds of eating habits to create an eating disorder they didn’t have. Why do people do this? Because their energies are so scattered, even in avoiding harsh realities, that they create a focus point like an eating disorder…so they can blame what they don’t like about their bodies on something that isn’t really within their control.

Why are you feeling this way sometimes? Oftentimes? Or even all the time? Well, you are likely feeling that things are changing and you cannot put your finger on it. If you know about western astrology then you know that Saturn will soon shift into Sagittarius for approximately 2.5 years. You sense something’s changing and you realize that what’s changing is you; you also may even realize that you’re so focused on everything, or nothing, and you’re trying on all the hats in the store just to see if one of them fits.

ADVICE: Lovely Sagittarius, I do like you. You’re everything I almost wish I could be without having to do drugs to see things from your perspective — and it would take some potent drugs for me to even think I know where you’re coming from. What I do know is that life isn’t as easy as walking into a shop and picking out a hat. Just because a hat fits doesn’t mean we should wear it. After all, even a hat that fits well may be worse for us if it causes allergic reaction at the band! What I suggest is this: if you don’t know what you’re doing, Sag, then slow down and only do what you must do. Like go to work and get your pay (and work on your resume because you never really know). If you feel that you just have to move…somewhere — anywhere else! Then I really, truly need you to settle down. I’ll admit that a move right now, for most Sagittarius types is not advised, in general, unless you’re going ‘home’ or back to where home was upon a time. You need to come to terms with what instability feels like, what going with the flow while handling your day to day obligations.

If you know what you’re doing and you believe that you are on task, then I advise differently: rethink that plan, think it all through without rose tinted glasses, and see if the plan is solid, stable, and is truly what you believe will make you happy. I guarantee you that in about 2.5 years your life will look nothing — nothing! — like it does now in every possible way. So settle down, still your mind, and consider what I’m saying very carefully.

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