Five of CupsFIVE OF CUPS (reversed): Taurus, this is a good card to get even if the woman in this art looks like she’s anemic. This reversed card is all about letting go old hurts, disappointments, anger, and loss. You finally realize that holding on to the past is nothing but an anchor to it. You want your life back, you’ve spent your time (and likely too much time) sour and mourning what could have been; now you realize that what it could be is all up to you and no one else.

This card is also really good for philanthropic types and those who have an affinity for political causes, causes related to the underdog, doing environmental work, and for those of you who are trying to just make this world a better place for our children and their children’s children. I applaud you. So long as you are coming from a place of healing and not judging or dividing, you will succeed if this is your path.

In matters of love it’s an interesting card to see; someone from your past may resurface and perhaps in passing or in friendship. The message isn’t about what that relationship in the past was or wasn’t; it’s about just accepting that we are all people living life and doing the best we can, about accepting them, and releasing every past opinion about them and what went on. Of course, when we release energy the universe sees fit to fill the energy displaced with…more energy! So, if you can let go the hurt from a past relationship, if you are single, then it’s likely (if you wish) that someone else will come into your life. If you are partnered then its time to just let bygones be bygones and look to the future with hope and bright eyes; don’t keep looking back to the past because this card tells me you don’t need to anymore.

In matters of business and finance it’s very likely that this same accepting and releasing is bringing people into your life that will help you achieve your goals or at least share them in common. Anyway, I like this card for business and alliance as that means they will figure in the future and could even benefit you some way down the road.

In matters of health I would like to add that you may detect some sort of genetic difference that answers questions if you are looking. Also, incontinence is possible. Ah, wonderful bodies that we have; good thing we don’t need them in Heaven! It’s also possible that a former health issue has left you somehow changed and perhaps even diminished in some ability or function. No worries because if you’re reading this you’ve found a work around or will soon.

The most negative connotation of this card is that you are not releasing, not letting go, not forgiving others, blaming everyone else for everything you perceive wrong in your life, and are stuck there like a damn fallen tree in the middle of the road. Look; get yourself together and realize that this is your life and you are responsible for it!

Contemplate: A child spills a cup of milk, apologizes, and walks away to play with his toys. His mother looks at the spilled milk and thinks about the waste and how much that milk cost. She grumbles for a time, realizes there’s no crying over the milk, and decides she’ll serve her young boy his milk in a sippy cup container.

Challenge: Don’t get stuck in the past. Move FORWARD. If you can’t do that then just know things don’t get any better than this. If you want to complain about it, then sit at home and write in your journal — but don’t smear this victim sludge onto anyone else.

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