Thank YouHello, friends! I hope you’re all doing well, are healthy, and things are going your way. We’ve had a little virus come around and it was nuisance! It took weeks for my eldest to get better, then the middle boy got it — gave it to me — and then the youngest. Odd thing is the doctor wanted us vaccinated while we were not feeling best; I acquiesced for the middle boy and myself and then immediately regretted that I didn’t say “no thanks, when I’m better”. Middle boy missed a bid debate tournament and then I ended up sick for several days. And my arm was so sore! The boy got the live flu virus, I got the dead one, and that didn’t seem to matter much. It still kicked my butt and I resented it and only felt better that I’d likely not get the flu or pass it to any of you! That same boy and I did really have influenza a few years ago and it is very terrible; it is worth getting the shots, to me, if that means I help keep other people from ever getting that terrible thing. They also gave me a few other vaccinations and I felt like a big, fat, whiny baby. There’s an update about the boys and I; now you will always associate with me sitting on a paper bench whining about “why oh why do I have to get these shots! Can you give it to yourself, first?”

I do want to thank you all for signing up (I see that!), for subscribing to my YouTube channel (I see that!), and for making appointments with me for private consultations (I love that — thank you!). I feel honored, really. It’s not even like this is my website; this is our website. It’s not really my YouTube channel; it’s ours. And when you make these appointments with me, and trust me with the most personal and often sensitive parts of your lives, I feel honored, very honored to be a part of your life. I really mean that — I’m not blowing smoke up your dress (or trousers) — I mean it the way you know me to mean things which means…things very deeply.

We’re all family, anyway, no matter who we are, where we’re from, or what we believe or don’t. Most of us already know this; some of us are getting to know this and are feeling the real magic and sweetness that it is. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that people care about each other in a world that doesn’t always make sense at all.

I just want you to know that I care about you, I appreciate you, and I love you very much.

Thanks again, for everything!

God bless you, Jesus LOVES you, and so do I.

Rita :)