Hey friends,

I mention this in the videos as I’m recording for the week of January 5th-11th. I wasn’t going to record them as I’d just finished your 2015 videos. I’ve been working hard to make things fun and exciting — even invigorating for you. Well, maybe not invigorating but you tell me.

Anyway, I just thought there was no way I could do it all. And then the messages started pouring in and I felt like bad mother! So I did one video, saw some of the cards for the next–and considering some of the messages I received–I thought I’d better get it together and do this week, anyway!

So, they’ll go up as I do them and if you’re subscribed to my YouTube channel and set your notifications to alert you, you’ll know exactly when that happens. I do things in a certain order to get the videos up for you as quickly as possible but subscribing is the first level of notification you can get. I am fast though, I can notify several galaxies at once because I’ve gone…SUPER SAIYAN!

Never forget that YOU are SUPER SAIYAN, TOO!